About Us

Minneapolis, United States - Photo by Josh Hild

Avalo Enterprise is founded, managed, and developed by proven Canadian telecom professionals under the RSCom umbrella of businesses. We’ve built our company from the ground up with creative, resourceful and successful developers, engineers, designers and architects. Our offerings are always conceived of, and built, with the end-user strongly at the forefront of our development.

Designing our applications, our story always leads us back to our guiding principle: create and deploy enterprise-quality communication solutions that are simple in design, functional in use and priced fairly.

Psst…here’s a note about our parent company!

RSCom LTD is a licensed facilities-based telecom carrier servicing 400+ carriers in North America and worldwide. RSCom’s mission is to deliver the highest possible quality telecommunication services to all market and sized enterprises.

Our global network is built from the ground up with the best leading technology. Our investments brought our network management to the very top of the industry giving our customers unique insight to their account activity and control over flexibility and accuracy servicing our customers.