Keeping Canada Connected

When Stability Is Threatened

At Avalo Enterprise, our mission is straightforward: to keep Canadian businesses connected and thriving through uncertainty. Now more than ever, Avalo is committed to being the backbone of Canada’s business communication infrastructure — providing a robust platform of stability, efficiency and agility to those who need it most.

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Building A Remote Workplace — It Is Easier Than You Think

Proactively, we’ve been perfecting remote work systems for quite a while, and our cloud-based phone system offers a combined hosted PBX and CPaaS functionality into one easy to use system. Enjoy our suite of intuitive features and virtual solutions, spend your days managing your business, not your telephony infrastructure.

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Every Business Size

Whether your business is small or large, our full suite of office designed solutions is custom tailored to YOUR needs. We ask the right questions, we listen, we build simple and applicable solutions. It’s easier than ever to partner with a trusted source, and Avalo is that source.

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Cloud-based systems are housed in several datacenters that offer redundancy and survivability odds should an outage occur.

High Quality

Built and optimized for exceptional performance and quality when paired with Avalo connectivity.


Cloud-based technology eliminates the need for bulky hardware, meaning your employees can work from anywhere, using their preferred device.

Reliability & Scalability

Your workforce remains effective across multiple locations.